Annoying Ways People Use Sources notes


Some writers tend to be like slow drivers when writings such as they know the guidelines but don’t care or they don’t know that the generally accepted practice of driving. Writers can forget that their readers are sometimes just as annoyed at writing that fails, which relates to when drivers are when stuck behind a car that fails to move over. These readers might completely ignore the worth of your insightful,  beautiful, or absolute important language just as my anger at another driver makes me fail to like his custom paint job. If you being to become this annoying writer, reader will not take your writing serious or admire it.

Main Idea:

The main Idea of this article is to show how some articles/authors can give to much or not enough info to the reader, which makes the reader less interested in you or your writing.

Key Terms:

Guidelines: a general rule, principle, or piece of advice.

Context: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

 Audience: the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event, such as a play, movie, concert, or meeting.

Fundamentals: a central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

Conventions: a way in which something is usually done, especially within a particular area or activity.

Making Connections:

This article in my mind really relates to the last reading we had just information and structure wise. Although I said it in my reflection both articles are really good info for a beginner blogger. It allows us to get information for other authors that either realize or when through the writing struggles. They give use great tips paragraph by paragraph by paragraph which I personally found very easy to understand and use in my own writing and future writing as well.


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