Science Behind Muscle Growth Article

After reading the article “The Science Behind Muscle Growth“, there was a lot of new information I learned. The Author Luke Briggs Listed very great tips on working out from “What’s The Different Between Training For Strength and Training For Muscle?” to “The Final Verdict For Effectively Stimulating Muscle Growth”. The author explains that just lifting weights in a short amount of time and calling it a workout will not show progress. If you want to see muscle growth and great progress, you really have to train like a bodybuilder and push reps till failure. Which means no you don’t have to lift such heavy weight and constantly push your max, rather push a percentage of your weight weekly in a good amount of reps.

Training Experience

If you never really workout before, it’s best you take it slow and start off with light weights, and get a feel of it. Like maybe workout 2-3 times per week then as you get comfortable with it push to 4-5 times a week. Also, if you know someone that workouts constantly, joining with them can also be a great start. Therefore, you learn more techniques and have a spotter to help and motivate you. It is always best to workout with a spotter, because it gives more benefits such as: less chances for a injury to occur, a more intense workout, and more of a motivate to keep wanting to go to a gym to keep working out. Unless you prefer to workout and have experience on working out, then do what you feel is more beneficial for you.

Workouts and Routines

If you are going for a bulky look then pushing heavy weights for less reps is the best for you, but if you are looking for a tone and ripped look, then light weight with more reps is going to be your answer. Select a day for each body part to workout on, constantly working out on one specific muscle will not help you grow. Your muscle will just get used to it and grow slower. But also changing up your routines on workouts can help tease your muscle and help blood flow .

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