Things to do before and after workout Article

Many people believe once your done working out for the day, you can do whatever. Well doing other things outside of working out can really benefit your post workout as well. Chape fitness wrote a great blog on “5 Things You Should Be Doing Before and After an Intense Workout” and after reading, I agree all the things she listed are important. Chape first started off with Sleep, Sleep can be a big factor to your workout weather you get enough rest at night or not. As Chape said “During this time, the body is able to repair worn-down muscles and other cells within the body” which also means your muscles can do their job off getting ready for the next day. The second most important thing to do is Stretch, Stretching is very important before and after a workout. I’m 100% POSITIVE if you don’t stretch you will suffer serious injuries. Not stretching and getting injured can put a delay to your workouts or even a permanent stop to them. Stretching takes no longer than 2-3 minutes and will also give benefits to your workout if doing so. Now after a workout its best to stretch so you won’t suffer from any cramps and you allow blood to go to the new muscles you are building. Now Tracking workouts, tracking workouts is a personal option you really don’t have to do it but if you do , you can track how much stronger you are getting week by week. The easiest way to track workouts, is by either downloading a app and entering the amount of reps and weight you do for a specific workout or to just write it down on a notebook/piece of paper as well. And finally hydration, hydration is very important to a workout. Basically being hydrated throughout your workout will prevent you from fainting or giving up half way because you feel weak.

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