Selfie post

me and mom

In this photo I and my mom were at Fiesta in San Antonio, TX. Fiesta is like a 2 day parade and a week other events that honor the battles of the Alamo and the city its self.  I took this picture with my mom to keep as memories and to share with others our experiences and strong and positive relationship. As you see we are very happy in the picture because we are enjoying something new with my brother and sisters, that is bringing us all together. No matter what is going on at any moment, knowing that one of us is there for the other keeps a smile on both our faces. In Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Rettberg says “Other times we want to share our experiences
with others. We paste photos and memorabilia into a photo album
to share with family and imagine one day passing it down to our children
and their children.” And this quote represents this picture, because usually I just go with my dad or other family members to fiesta. But this time I decided to go with my mom and family to create new and long lasting memories with them and be able to pass them to future generations.


me and nathan.JPG

This photo was taken a year later, but the same event as the picture above with my mom at Fiesta. This is my 15 year old brother that is also really close to me. This photo can represent our relationship in many ways from good to bad. As you can see we are both really serious in the picture from our facial expressions, representing from time to time we either dislike each other or are happy to be around one another. But also again this picture represents the good in our relationship, as you can see we actually took a picture together and are close. This really describes our relationship because all though we have rough times, we are always there for one another or always with one another.

me and bruno

This is one of the last photos I took before I left home, it’s of me and my dog Bruno. Bruno is my dog that I bought from one of my friends and I honestly treat him like a kid. In  Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Rettberg says “Sometimes we use the mediation of technology to help us see ourselves better, to understand ourselves or to improve ourselves, or simply to imagine someone to speak to, a ‘dear diary’ to tell our secrets to when nobody else will listen.”  And in this picture, I posted it all over social media to represent that these breeds of dogs are just as equal to the others caring and loving too. People constant threat this pit-bull breed of dogs judging by what they see over social media believing they are vicious and dangerous, but never take the time to read the goods of them. Which the really are, so that’s what this picture really represents to me.


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